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This power supply was originally featured in Practical Wireless in June 1983, I started immediately to build the power supply unit up as it appeared after reading all the information to be a highly reliable unit as it has over voltage protection and over current protection and also Short circuit protection built in,, anyhow after 25 years of constant battering in my Radio Ham shack delivering power to my Solid State Linear Amplifiers consuming up to 25 Amps on speach peaks and also supplying all of my Homemade Radio Transceivers I thought it was high time that I put the data somewhere that other people could gain from using such a high quality piece of equipment. This design cannot be found anywhere on the Internet ,, so I have scanned in the whole document which appears below.  Marchwood 13.8V 40Amp PSU Design

When you click on this link,, be patient as it will take at least 2 minutes before you are able to read the PDF file in Adobe Reader because of the large file.

73s De G4RVH


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